When your vendor request is sent to the Awesome Dairy Team & upon successful acceptance, you will see the Shopfront Menu as shown here below.

The shopfront is the place to add all the Shop related information for your store.

This is the page where you manage to look for your shop on Awesome Dairy, better you decorate it more the chances are there for more business.

You need to specify your Store name, Store Slug (Which will be a unique Link) for your store, Store Description, etc

(Kindly do not display your phone or email id in the Store description or your listing might not get approved)

If you want some specific msg for buyers, you can specify the same under the “Message to Buyers” section of the Shopfront menu.

(This is optional) Awesome Dairy always show the message to the customers and for order delivery

These messages will be showcased to customers after every purchase. This can include some instruction or your direction to use the product etc.

Further, you can add the Address details.

The timezone for India is GMT + 5:30 Mumbai, Kolkata. You can select the same.

Then you need to enter your complete Food Safety License No & Upload the .jpeg or .pdf file of the Food certificate under the upload option.

Food Safety License is a mandatory requirement for every food business operator, in case if you are a new business owner, and your application is under process, you can write to regarding same.

Same if your business is having a GST certificate then you can mention your complete GST no and upload the .jpeg or .pdf file under the upload option.

You should mention all your social links under the social media section of the dashboard. If you are not having social profiles you can skip this step.

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