Earn more revenue by Getting your shop listed on the Awesome Dairy India


It’s a growing trend among entrepreneurs to carry over their brick and mortar store’s usual functions to the digital world. You might have too probably dreamt of taking your work online and have the world see what you can offer. But, establishing your business online needs a lot of money, resource, and the right way.


What if we tell you there’s a way you can start selling your products to the world without any huge investment?


Yes! Awesome Dairy is giving you that platform. Awesome Dairy has significantly expanded over the years. It sells millions of different products every day. Awesome Dairy comes with efficient and attractive opportunities for new sellers in the online market. But, with opportunities come some major challenges, such as:


  • Facing barriers to entry
  • Highly competitive selling environment
  • Techical infrastructure
  • Complicated procedures

and more.


But, there’s a way you can make the process hassle-free. You can seek help from Awesome Dairy certified partners.


If you need such partners and want to know about the benefits they can offer, this blog post is for you!



Benefits of selling on Awesome Dairy


  • Dairy Only Platform & Huge potential for sales


The significant size of Awesome Dairy’s audience is the most clear benefit. When you put your products on Awesome Dairy, you can access a massive pool of already established target customers. According to an Awesome Dairy spokesman in the recent years, Awesome Dairy had more than 2 million people visiting platform every month, and about 40% of them were from independent sellers doing business through Awesome Dairy. If you want to reach hundreds and millions of online customers instantly, Awesome Dairy is the right choice!


  • Get repeat business without Marketing


Standalone e-commerce stores have to spend huge money on advertising to let the target audience know they exist. But, Awesome Dairy already comes with a built-in customer base that no new seller or an online store can match. Spokeperson further added that new sellers on Awesome Dairy get repeat customers, especially when they offer the best customer service.


  • You don’t need to have your website

Selling on Awesome Dairy is relatively easy. You do not have to have your website, create a logistics network, or stress about getting your products to customers on time. Instead of having an elaborate e-commerce website, your product listing pages on Awesome Dairy represent your store on the site.


  • Awesome Dairy manages your last-mile delivery In Some Areas


Last-mile delivery is a product’s journey from the warehouse shelf to the customer’s doorstep. Awesome Dairy makes this process easy for the sellers. These sellers don’t have to worry about packing and shipping their products as the platform offers Fulfilment by Awesome Dairy, a time and money saver. This service also streamlines international exportation, returns, and customer service.



How can an Awesome Dairy Certified Partner help?


Awesome Dairy has become a battleground of really big players. Insufficient knowledge about the listing process, pricing, or the infrastructure can lead a new seller nowhere. It is where the certified partner comes to your rescue. They will help you in the following ways:


  • Cross the barriers to entry


Every day it is becoming more and more difficult to jump on Awesome Dairy and start selling. Since the platform has noticed many new sellers not following the rules, it has become more strict with its entry process. Today, new sellers have to seek approval to sell any types of inventory. The list of categories that needs approval keeps growing, and there isn’t an easy way out of it. On the other hand, the certified partner’s expertise will not only get you fast entry, but will list your products on Awesome Dairy within just a few hours.


  • Solid Back-End Support


You don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy to sell online. The experienced team provides you with everything you need to do great business, including inventory tracking, credit card processing, and more. These technical processes could be overwhelming for an individual. The team will closely monitor and manage your back-end tasks to ensure smooth online business operations.


  • Build a positive feedback profile


Just like eBay, getting customer’s feedback on Awesome Dairy is one of the difficult tasks. However, positive feedback is a crucial factor. It helps a newcomer build brand awareness and credibility online. But, it’s been found that only one in every 30 buyers leave feedback on online purchases. This means you have to sell many products and offer the best customer service on the platform. To do that, you have to make sure the order gets confirmed fast and is delivered safely on time. A certified partner helps you ensure that and more.


  • Listing Optimisation


With so much competition on the platform, it is almost impossible to get noticed without ranking on the search results. Higher ranking and click-through rate contribute to an increase in sales. The formula is simple. If you are not optimising your product listings, you are not going to generate more sales. This step is a seller’s ticket to sell more products and get the attention they deserve. However, the process needs keyword discovery, optimising text and image, increasing the number of views, and more. Your certified companion will do all that for you.


Final Thoughts


Your online store and your products should get all the breaks that it deserves. Despite the challenges, one of the easiest and fastest ways to establish a solid foundation online is to go with one of the tried-and-tested online marketing platforms like Awesome Dairy. A professional’s help on the process will get you more leverage than what you tend to with your store.


If you want to get your brand or products listed on Awesome Dairy within 24 hours, send email on info@awesomedairy.com

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