Coupons bring value to the brand without damaging the profit margins. Coupons attract customers and help in retaining them.

To create coupons for your store, you can go on the “Add Coupon” option.

Create a code for your store that will act as a coupon code. You can write in description to explain what the coupon is all about.

To give a quantitative value, terms and conditions to the coupon, a seller must fill the “Coupon data” section.                                              Enter the value of the coupon discount. A coupon always has an expiry date, which has to be mentioned in the given box.

In the usage limit sub-section, mention the usage limit per coupon, the limit for no. of items for coupon application, and items per user.

In the “Usage Restriction”, we need to apply the spend limits. A seller also has the choice to provide an option of using a coupon on sale items or not.

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