In this section, the sellers get a choice to mention terms and conditions for shipping, refund, and cancellation/exchange/return policies in the respective spaces.

A policy outlining the guidelines in case cancellation and/or refund on a purchase is essential as it lays down the course of action a customer and the company can take.

A shipping policy includes all the terms and conditions related to product shipping and delivery.

The refund policy will state the refund terms (what will be refunded, such as store credit, cash refund, exchange of goods, etc.)              The timeline for a refund can be made and claimed is usually stated in the refund policy (Return within three days, seven days etc.)        Similarly, for the Cancellation/Return/Exchange policy, a seller needs to mention the terms and conditions of cancellation or return or exchange of products( for example, return of the product will be accepted before ten days of purchase)

If you have customer support for your store, you can add additional information about it in the “customer support details” section.



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